Sensitive files

Query Description
cv intitle:index.of Query searching files CV
kontakty.txt intitle:index.of Search for files containing gg numbers
*.vcf intitle:index.of Searches for files that contain personal data
inurl:kontakty filetype:txt site:pl Searches contact files
inurl:"contacts" filetype:xls Searches contact files
inurl:"addresses" filetype:xls Searches contact files
filetype:xls inurl:"email.xls" Files email.xls, which may include contact information
"phone * * *" "address *" "e-mail" intitle: "curriculum vitae" CV documents
"not for distribution" confidential Documents marked confidential clause
buddylist.blt Contact list Communicator AIM
intitle:index.of mystuff.xml Contact list Communicator Trillian
filetype:ctt "msn" Contact list Communicator MSN
filetype:QDF QDF Database financial program Quicken
intitle:index.of finances.xls Files finances.xls,which may contain information about bank accounts, financial statements and credit card numbers
intitle:"Index Of" -inurl:maillog maillog size Files maillog, which may contain e-mail
"Network Vulnerability Assessment Report" "Host Vulnerability Summary Report" filetype:pdf "Assessment Report" "This file was generated by Nessus" Reports from the study of network security, penetration testing, etc.
intitle:index.of secring.pgp Files secreting.pgp
intitle:“index of”“backup files” File backups
allintitle:”index of”“backup files” File backups
inurl:phpshell.php PHP Shell
filetype:sql Kopie zapasowe baz danych
intitle:intranet inurl:intranet +intext:"human resources" Human resources in enterprises
intitle:index.of “parent directory” File directories
filetype:sql “# dumping data for table” Database files
intitle:index.of people.lst Personal data
data filetype:mdb -site:gov -site:mil Sensitive data domains gov and mil
intitle:index.of inbox Mails
intitle:"index. of.personal" Personal data